The final three

Animal was finally ousted. Sheesh, that was the slowest dying roadkill I’ve seen on tv for quite some time.
It was kind of a relief. Until he murdered The Doors one more time.
Still, I liked him because of his dad, the brickie, who said this was the most exciting thing to happen to the family since he’d got five numbers in lotto. Bless.

So the final three:
TiNatalie Gauci-Arena – if she can steer clear of the wide-eyed YTT jazz hands earnest balladreer tendencies, she could actually take it out. In which case I can’t wait for the NW article on her gay father.

Matt I’m the shoe-in Corby. He’s been the frontrunner from the very first final but has faltered as the finish line got closer. It will be interesting if he can find his centre (yeah, I’m incredulous I wrote that too) for the finals.

Carl Crooner Riseley – who would have thought the guy who came out in a fedora and a Magnum PI Hawaiian shirt singing Waltzing Matilda all those weeks ago would still be standing. As I said last night, he could take this thing out yet.