The end

to celebrate the end of NaPaBloMoSmoCroDoMe I went for a walk.

Actually the two are very unrelated but considering I post virtually every day anyway it has felt like such an albatross these last few days.
Like the night I fell asleep on the lounge with my laptop thinking must post, must post.
So I headed off south on my walk today, just to mix it up. (Normally I go north and head up around the Warriewood headland and occasionally on to the hospital and back)
We went along the southern shore of Narrabeen Lake and started to tackle the hill up to Collaroy Plateau, but the footpath got too narrow for two dogs and the jumbo stroller that is my double stroller. The type of double stroller you don’t even bother taking to a shopping centre as you won’t fit anywhere. The type that when I’m sweating and grunting up hills around the headlands on Sydney’s northern beaches are so comfy for the children sitting in it they call out, ‘go faster mummy’.
Yeah. As if.
So I about faced and thought, hmmm, what’s down there.
What’s down there is a little grassed area and then a well established track into the bush that lines the shore.
And suddenly, I was in bush.
Birds, lizards, that weird bush smell of damp earth.
It was utterly compelling.
It opened up at one stage to another grassed area on the shore where there were two picnic tables and a tap. I’m going to have a party there, maybe just a Christmas/New Year gathering of friends with a cricket set and everyone bringing their favourite things to eat/signature dishes.
So I kept going.
The dogs were beside themselves in joy.
Jasper was singing the whole way.
Grover dozed, occasionally jolted awake as we went over tree roots or rocky patches.
The cicadas were so loud it felt like they were inside your head.
It was that heat and silence but with the most incredible noise that I associate so tightly with the Australian bush.
It’s almost menacing.
And before you know it you’re thinking, ‘someone could easily stash a body in here’.
We came to a group of kids kayaking who were all being called into shore as a storm front was approaching.
I realised the track obviously went the entire way around this far end of the lake that is bushland, then the edge of a golf course and then runs alongside the Wakehurst Parkway.
I wanted to do it but the storm front looked pretty grim.
There were big rolling deep groans of thunder.
I about faced and well, people, I jogged.
Two people were going the other way and I quizzed them about if it did do as I suspected and give a full loop around the lake.
Sure does said the man, but not with that.
The jumbo stroller.
Anyway, we ended up getting mildly rained on.
But I was so freakin’ hot and sweaty it was delicious.
Big fat drops of cooling rain.
The boys were asleep and didn’t seem to notice.
I had plans today of purchasing Christmas presents and other sundry items.
I’m so glad I didn’t.