Oh my giddy aunt, round 2

The downright weird:
Today I cleaned out the freezer (only because I forgot a bottle of sparkling dark grape juice I’d put in there last night and it exploded over everything) AND the fridge (because I was so sick of nothing fitting
I also fixed the plastic shelf that sits above the vegetable crisper which has been broken for probably years and means the crisper drawer doesn’t go all the way in so then the door doesn’t shut properly and JESUS CHRIST WHO LEFT THE FRIDGE OPEN AGAIN, oh, right, never mind. Rinse and repeat. Several times daily).
I slow-roasted a rolled shoulder of pork
with crackling
and this sublime potato mash which also had apples in it and so much cream and butter I could feel my arteries clogging
I made gingerbread
To make a gingerbread stuffing
that I wanted to smear all over my body
But ate with the most magnificent gravy I’ve ever produced instead.
It doesn’t sound like much but it was a day in the kitchen
Which is for me is what shopping/reading/crafting is for others
Chef’s parents came over the share this meal with us
The sun shone all day
I got three loads of washing dried on the line
Just lovely