My own competition – UPDATED to explain away insensitive as an ass issues

Seeing as there’s some big awards shindig going on out there in cyberland that no-one seems to have even thought of nominating me for. Cough. I’m having my own awards ceremony. Of sorts.

For everyone who wants Suse to post her uni paper on – and I quote – medieval imperial ideology and the importance of patronage in Ottonian art, click here and tell her so.

For everyone who wants Blackbird to find a cliff to jump off – and I mean that in the nicest possible way – click here and tell her where she’ll find a suitable cliff in or near Tuvalu.

For everyone who wants Badger to make her own music video singing some obscure emo* song of her younger years, click here and tell her so

Tell them I sent you.

The one with the most “Kim sent me”s will get a package of homemade relishes and jams. Maybe even in time for Christmas.

* G’AH UPDATE – I realised at some point during the last 24 hours just how insensitive this little jibe could be mistaken. In light of one of Badge’s posts about a particularly hard time in her life and how one particular song got her through. And that somehow I was mocking that. Such.A.Putz. So please, treat the woman with love and dignity I was trying to be clever. The jibe should really have been more about her penchant for punk rockers of the 80s.