Idol ruminations – the final two

So the night kicks off with the Youngling.
To say he seems nervous is an understatement and the job he makes of what potentially could be his first single is pretty underwhelming. The single is exactly as you’d expect it. Some sort of ballad with lots of ‘hello I’m here’s big notes and swelling moments. Gag.
Second song – he’s developed that highly irritating hand movement that most reserve for moments when bragging about the size of their girlfriend’s norks. Hairyman Misfud used to do it. Stop it. Stop it NOW.
Ahh, the gag t-shirt. I’m so pleased wardrobe haven’t let us down by dressing Matt in this generation’s answer to the h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s. tshirt with a tie on it. His has a pair of sunglasses. It’s so M C Esher. Groovy baby.
Also, what’s with the eyes being shut all.the.time. We’re still here Matt.



Anyway. He then sings Wolfmother. It’s good. I guess. He just seems so freakin’ nervous and tired and just willing it all to be over. Which, considering this is meant to be the catapult to a career does not engender that much confidence in him that he has the ticker. If you get my drift.

TiNatalie meanwhile seems to have taken one too many happy pills out back and is just so very happy. She appears to be channeling Sally Fields at her most “you liked me! You really liked me” moments.
She’s wearing Michael Jackson gloves except on both hands. Curious. Maybe the mike slips in her nervous sweaty hands?

But get this… she is actually very very good.

She sings Kate Bush and it is fantastic. Even if she is wearing the worst high waisted pair of ski pants wardrobe could dredge up with some army jacket circa 1984 that’s caught somewhere between Prince, Madonna and Boy George all rolled into one.

Then she sings the winner’s single and well, sings it like a winner.

I think she might take this thing out.

Highlights of the night include not having to listen to Mark Crazy Holden say anything.

That’s about it. It’s been an arduous day in this house so the show was watched in an atmosphere of grim bewilderment.