Idol ruminations – and then there were two

Well, my waters were almost right but Matt’s fan base just got him over the line.
The string-out featured Delta singing with a weird backup of buxom blondes in white. WT?
Marcia sang.
Um, some mother with bad teeth showed her thong as she won the singing hag mother competition.
Then the misery was over quite swiftly.
The final two:

Balladrear TiNatalie Gauci-Arena:
She got more votes than Matt.
Go figure.

Matt the front runner from week one Corby:

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  • crafty

    Actually this is a totally predictable final two. Can’t argue with Sandilands now can we?

    Nevermind, I would have liked to have seen Ben here.

    Also, I’m SO glad you thought TiNatalie’s first song was OK yesterday, I thought it was really good, and liked it more than the second, and then the judges said it was crap….

    and thankyou for watching what sounds like an incredibly painful show, so I didn’t have to.

  • Muzbot

    I somehow think Matt’s hair will still be the next Oz Idol.

    But Nat, I know she got baged out for her version of “Ray of Light” but to me she sounds better than Madonna ever did live. That song is one of the most difficult pop songs to sing. I’m happy for her, and as Marcia would say “Well done Darlin’.”