Weird things I’ve done in the last couple of days

Bought three new fish for the fish tank, cleaned the tank and remembered to a) feed the fish and b) turn the light on in the fishtank
Shoveled dogshit into holes I’ve dug in the back garden more times than ever before in my life. (The pure hatred for these stupid animals and the rage I feel at having to do this, when I was assured by someone who keeps telling me how much they love me I would never have to do anything of the sort, is a whole post in and of itself.)
Answered the phone every time it’s rung.
Had a nana nap every day. Sometimes it’s only been for 10 minutes, but the other day I clocked up two hours (Grover is still feeding twice a night, like I needed an excuse).
Developed a new obsession – hand lettering. I’ve even started designing labels for my produce. My attempts so pathetic, so amateur I am appalled and reminded as to why I made a blanket rule for myself to preserve the meagre remaining shred of self-dignity by avoiding any form of ‘craft’ per se.
(people who are awesome at it include Linzie Hunter and Mike Perry)
Weeded part of the backyard. (WTF?)
The dishwasher carked it again AND I called the repair guy straight away, rather than saying I would for a few days if not weeks and then bitching about how long it took to get fixed. He came straight away. Was here for TWO hours fixing it and then apologised for not fixing it properly the first time. AND he didn’t charge me anything for it. So I gave him some of our strawberry jam and felt all noble-barter-like feelings of goodness.
Mopped the kitchen floor. (WTF? #2)
Cooked something new every day for a week.
Tonight I gave the boys left over lasagne that I’d frozen as individual serves a few weeks back. Sometimes my oc tendencies make me really proud. Chef and I then sat on the lounge in that collective tired haze you get as parents and debated what to eat for dinner. It ranged from takeaway pizza, through gnocchi with sage and butter (Chef) to other pasta solutions to those boxes of Macaroni Cheese you can buy where you simply add your bodyweight in saturated fats of choice until it’s thick and tastes nothing like macaroni cheese. I had a poached egg on a slice of spelt bread. It was OK.
I cut both the older boys hair today with the clippers. Oscar’s close to his scalp, same length all over. He can now *just* tolerate this. Any notion of getting his hair cut at a hairdresser or a barber makes him shake with fear. Felix’s wasn’t close to his scalp, just sort of the ends and the bit around the back. He’s got this pageboy Little Lord Fauntleroy or Little Boy Blue or whatever look about him now with which looks a darn sight better than the birdsnest that precluded it.

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  • kurrabikid

    Hooray for the nana nap – you deserve it … and more. Try to schedule a couple more of those, won’t you?

  • joanne

    I llluuurrrve the nanna nap – well done you!

  • crafty

    I need a nanna nap after reading all that.

  • Joke

    See? It’s the JAM that gave you all those feelings of noble goodness.


  • daysgoby

    Oh, after hearing of all the amazing jam I think Joke’s right….

  • h&b

    I love it when you diss dogs.

    The more you do, the more resolute I become in the fact that I will *not* fall in love with them, and that dog shit *will* become my job ( as well as walkies in the rain and hail and heat and shit, and being attacked by other people’s dogs because I have a dog and …. etc )

    So keep it up..

  • Annagrace

    Mmmm…strawberry jam. Freezer or cooked, I wonder? I have about 7 months till our strawberry season and I’m determined to have an amazing year of jam. Which sort of sounds disgusting, I know.