It’s the start of NaBloPoMo. Seeing as I normally post every day I figure now I’ll just forget to. But here will be business as usual. Over here I’m going to do a month long ode to Nigella. I contemplated doing a month long ode to Bill, but seriously how much Sydney food laden with soy, ginger, corn, coriander and chicken could we all stomach? Any special Nigella requests will be considered.
the baby – the mighty Grovemeister, the Groover – is four months on Friday but is already up on all fours and rockin’ the house. OH baby!
Felix ate some of my thrown together udon noodle soup last night. I believe this is the first soup to have ever passed his lips beyond the ‘I’ll taste it’ stage. The boy doesn’t do foods all thrown in together – soups, stews, risottos are therefore almost never eaten. Weird.
We’re back in wet bed land with Oscar and people, if I have to change one more wet bed and clean one more mattress. OI.
The two bigger boys are going to my Dad and SM’s tomorrow for the weekend (they live two hours south of Sydney). Me, Chef and the little ‘uns are going down for the day on Sunday. Tomorrow, with ‘only’ two in tow, I plan to mooch around here for the first time in probably about three years. Things I’d like to buy:
– rhubarb from the grower
– decent bread (and maybe an early morning restorative pastry for me and Jasper)
– meat from the producer and I want to meet this couple and talk to them about their pigs.
The dishwasher I hate finally carked it. The guy is here trying to fix it as I type. Even he is cursing it. In Armenian I think.

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  • bluemountainsmary

    Kim – a tip from someone who lived in fear of wet beds. My brother was a bed wetter and I can still remember the smell. When the boys were much smaller I kept a bucket in their room. This is what they peed into in the middle of the night. And also first thing in the morning. And often last thing at night before bed. Did I care how often they used it? NO. Because they never wet the bed. They knew they could use the bucket. And it kept them relaxed. At some point I removed the bucket. But they could have had it forever if they had insisted. Maybe others have used the bucket method. I know I made it up for myself.

    Bloody genius.

  • blackbird

    Carked dishwashers seem to be going around.

  • Kim

    Hey Mary,

    Oscar’s bed wetting is like his body’s canary that all is not well – that he’s spoiling for a cold or some other illness.

    That and the fact he drank a lot last night that I didn’t see/moderate.

    Nothing works with him and bedwetting except homeopathics. A call is being placed today.

  • Suse

    Two out of my three were chronic bedwetters. For YEARS. Both together. Often more than once a night.

    Homeopathics were the ONLY thing that worked. And then only when they were ready for it to work.

    Man, I KNOW your pain.