School holidays so very tired

Oh peoples, I am so very tired.
And my right boob really hurts.
Grover seems to have dropped the midnight feed and oh my lord it has created all manner of lumpy hell for the mammaries.
But I am happy about the dropped feed.
I’m sure it will lead to more sleep soon.
As soon as I start going to bed earlier and get a big block of sleep.
There’s lots to say but then there isn’t at all.
The cleaning spell has continued.
It’s almost there.
Today was a good drying day.
It was also mum’s birthday. I took her to high tea at The Gunner’s Barracks. It was lovely. Really really lovely.
The boys are home on holidays.
We’re just chilling and they seem OK with it.
I’m bracing myself to do something with them tomorrow.
But four boys + just me + wide open spaces = head exploding.
I should post something to entertain you all. Something from Youtube. The photo of high tea off my phone. But they all require effort.
Please excuse me as I go lie on the lounge.