Idol ruminations – seventh final, judges choice and own choice

Well well well, what a difference a week makes.
This week the show was firing on all cylinders. It was everything you want your pop culture ‘that show will rot your brain’ television to be.
A few things first though.
1. Mark Holden is so EFFING annoying I just want to hurt him. The man is a complete and utter goose and an irritating one at that.
2. I am now just annoyed Daniel Misfud is still here. This week clearly showed that everyone else has shifted gear and moved into a new league (one a little closer to that Matt Corby has been in since the beginning) that he is just not capable of.
3. Open letter to wardrobe: WTF???? There were so many tragedies tonight I thought we were in Greece.
4. I find it amazing how much I am enjoying – and agreeing – with Kyle Sandilands this year. I didn’t watch the show when he came onboard, not because of that fact but am now wishing I’d tuned in. Mind you, I don’t love him that much to listen to 2DayFM.

OK. So, the performances.
Tarisai Vushe. Still sporting the pigs fighting under a blanket jeans, she sang a Barry White tune and nailed it, then sang a Whitney song and, well, m’eh.

Daniel Misfud. As I said, this week showed he is just out of his league. After they showed the “let’s take the contestants home for a day” it all made perfect sense. Do us all a favour and stick to teaching dude. Or should I say, the original Mr G.

Carl Riseley. OH MY GOODNESS. I’m not sure what has happened from last week to this week, but he stepped up onto the stage and stepped on up. He was rockin’ and did an awesome job of it. He sung Tom Jones and did it with humour and a crinkle of the forehead to indeed make him the houeswives’ crumpet.

Marty Simpson. See what I wrote about Carl and ditto. What’s not to like about reggae? I mean really, it makes you feel sunny and that holidays sitting in a wet bar at some resort somewhere is only a heart beat away. But he was chillin’ tonight and it was very watchable.

Matt Corby is a freakin’ legend. He is in a league all of his own and while last week I was feeling all “we’re just getting was the same old same old”, that was still pretty darn sensational. This week he sang something from The Phantom of the Opera (see point number one above. It was his suggestion. WT?) which brought back unhappy memories of Cosette and then something from someone I’ve never heard before. And apart from wishing he’d look up during the last one (he was playing piano) it was all FREAKING sensational.

OK OK, it pains me to say it and it pains me even more considering during the first song she wore white.patterned.leggins. (see point No.3) but TiNatalie GauciArena was on fire tonight. She sang that Sinead O’Connor song and the umbrella song and nailed them both.

My guess on the bottom three: Daniel, Marty and Tarisai.