Idol ruminations – fifth final, British pop

So, what did we all think of last night?
A sleeper cell of the most recalcitrant potential terrorists?
It just seemed a little mundane to me. No one really shone, no one really bombed, it was just there and will fall from my consciousness as soon as I let it.

Maybe it was because Carl Crooner Riseley got the night started. It was ‘fine’. He sang the way he always sings and it was neither awesome or underwhelming.

Yet again, two pigs fighting under a blanket when Tarisai Mini Marcia Vushe took to the stage. It is so distracting to be wondering how on earth she got those pants on that I almost forgot to listen. But I do believe, in taking on Queen, that she actually somehow connected with the song and hit the big notes for a reason other than the fact she can.

Ben when my balls drop voice breaks I’m gonna sound even better McKenzie did an Oasis song and it was starting to feel a bit grey, a bit dull and he took it up a notch. Dicko was pretty scathing (from memory) and I got where he was coming from, but I like this kid and think he has that quiet resolve that Damien Leith had and will be in contention at the very end.

Daniel I am a hairy man Misfud has changed camps in my head. I used to care neither here or there about how he came out in the wash of the competition, but now he really really irritates me. I can’t remember what he sang but it was annoying and I was kinda wishing he’d hurry up and finish. And his shirt was open revealing even more hair. Gag.

I think Jacob I channel Noel Gallagher Butler thought he’d up and trumped everyone with the singing of a Beatles song (as opposed to another Oasis, Coldplay, insert recent British pop rock band here) but it was just the same as every other week. Between him, Daniel and Carl (who I still have a soft spot for but am tiring of quicker than expected) it was just same old same old.

Ah, TiNatalie GaucArena finally lived up to my unpectations – bad song choice, delivered with that misplaced Young Talent Time earnestness and not so much a trainwreck as just painful. I mean, Amy Winehouse? Rehab? Jesus, the closest TiNatalie has got to snorting anything was when she laughed too hard. And singing that song, waving a finger around on the ‘no no no’ and smiling through it? Just plain YTT

I have no idea what Marty me and Dicko are mates Simpson has up their sleeve, but it was a weird trip to have Dicko to tell Australia not to vote for him. Just weird. He sang something that sounded the same as every other week.

Matt the frontrunner Corby didn’t blow me away tonight either, but he is still in a different league to the rest of them.

I’m hoping guessing bottom three: