As I wait for the microwave steriliser to finish (otherwise I’ll lie in bed listening to it beep madly at me for the next ever so long reminding me I just ‘cooked’ something in there) as I had to express as Grover is sleeping. Still. Since about 4ish this afternoon. I think. I mean, I know I didn’t feed him after 4. And it’s now almost midnight. So I went to bed with lumpy boobs that were just aching. So I just expressed about 250ml. Ridiculous. I am a true embodiment of a cow.


Wanna know what I (I being the royal we so to speak) achieved this weekend?

Two tables into the garage and one photographed for potential ebay sale
Eleven mismatched chairs into the garage and photographed for potential ebay sale
One sideboard into garage and stacked sensibly (as opposed to how Chef had left it in the middle of the space we have in the garage where we’d park if there weren’t myriad issues about people being able to get out of their tiny car in less space than another whole car space…)
One trailer borrowed from parents-in-law’s next door neighbours
One trailer filled with crap,broken things, more crap
One garage swept and ‘tidied’
One large garbage bag filled with books from significant children’s bookshelf cull done earlier in the week
One and a half large garbage bags filled with toys
One office area overhauled and streamlined
One delicious slice made with cakey bottom, fruity middle and crumbly top
One new local Thai takeaway discovered that was so much better than the other Thai takeaway that had turned me off Thai takeaway for quite some time
One batch of lime marmalade made

One big broad lady of a table now gracing our presence, reinforced and ‘built’ by Chef with fourteen matching chairs

One brunch plan aborted and relocated several suburbs and just a lovely time had

Family members all fed and watered

No one too damaged (I think hope)from comments made by cranky mummy

There is still much to be cleared and decluttered but I do believe this is one of those times I need to stop, take some deep breaths and appreciate that a lot has actually been achieved.