Idol ruminations – seventh final ousting

Well if all the rumours about Hillsong fixing are true, thank the LORD and good bye Daniel Misfud.


It’s a crime this guy lasted this long. He should have gone two weeks ago. As Mark Holden, in a rare moment of clarity, said last night, you want to sing these types of songs but they’re out of your league/capability.

So pack up your scarves and your coiffed do and be gone.

In other news… Matt Matt Matt – what was that shirt you were wearing tonight? Even Felix said, “Matt’s wearing a girls dress”.
TiNatalie was in some porn outfit.
Tarisai is still wearing the disco wig.
Marty looked positively normal. And Clean.
As did Carl.
So I guess two out of five ain’t bad, but seriously,

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  • Cathy

    I don’t really like Tarasai so I would have been happy for her to go. Agree about Matt’s shirt. What the?

    You have been tagged – visit my blog for details 🙂

  • Anonymous

    that shirt was a crime against humanity. most girls would look crap in it but matt just looked like a child porn cast off. very frightening indeed – I nearly rang you to say “eehooo!” K