You know that blogging phenomenom where people’s lives seem so serene

This ain’t one of them.
For those of you who keep an uncluttered* and tidy house look away. The following images will make your neck itch more than you care for.

The following images shit me to tears. Only moreso that I (kinda) worked out how to draw on them to then load them and they’re so freakin’ small you won’t be able to read any of them.

The top of our bookshelves (NOTE: Ikea Ivar shelving we were so going to paint. Bought c. 1995)

The ‘office area’ that is simply code for ‘dump it here to really piss Mum off’
See this desk below? the desk that had a pile of sorted filing sitting on it for six months as I figured the fact I’d sorted it and entered it into our 06/07 spreadsheet meant that someone else could at least put it away? Which I put away on Tuesday after seeing the accountant. It’s now covered again.

And this? If I hadn’t had my soul crushed by the detritus over on the office desk, this’ll do it nicely.
The only thing more depressing than this:

Is this:
And well, you all know my feelings about Thomas the Effing Engine:

For those now in the fetal position, please go and visit Hyena in Petticoats who’s world seems serene, pretty, full of lovely things and artfully arranged room compositions. You’ll feel so much better.

* as opposed to clean. My house is clean – as in the kitchen, bathrooms, tables we eat off etc are all cleaned regularly. It’s the CLUTTER, the CRAP, the artwork, notes from school, junk mail, mail, toys, presssshiiiouusssss toys, that does my head in and make my house look like this!