Turn that frown upside down

So now I’ve offloaded all that nark some really lovely things happened today.

Someone – Linda – sent me not one but TWO recipes for the pineapple filling I was talking about the other day.
Felix came home with a note on Friday. He very nervously handed it over to me and stood there in what I now know was requiring a lot of bravery.
F: What does it say?
K: OH Felix!
F: What? (in that tone when they know they’ve done something wrong and you’ve called them to account and they’re hoping your sleep deprivation allowed them to get away with it.)
K: You’re getting an honour award.
F: Really? Cool! I thought it was a bad note.
I almost didn’t give it to you
I thought about ripping it up

and as Chef said to him later:
So Felix, just what have you been up to at school that you would be so worried about a note coming home that you’d think about ripping it up?

These honour awards are (apparently) a big deal. You can only get one every two years. They happen twice a year in different KLAs. This one was for science. (My maternal pride is almost bursting that my son has got an honour award for English – granted, it was in Kinder – and Science. Nothing beats an all-rounder.) The assembly happens in the COLA, which stands for Covered Outdoor Learning Aread. What LUNACY. It’s essentially a shed so lets just call it that. ANYWAY, he received his award, collar askew, tie tied rather than you know, properly tied, one shoelace undone, the other so loose his shoes ‘clop’ as he walks, hair all bed-headed and crazy. It was perfect as that is Felix. So infinitely conscious of his surrounds, of his body, of his ability, of what people think of him and yet this bundle of looking like he’d slept in his clothes for a week.
Just like his Mum.
There was morning tea afterwards. With tea in polystyrene cups. And biscuits in those little two-in-a-pack numbers.
It was just delightful.

After my completely passive aggressive dig at Chef for his complete abdication of dog responsibilities, the dog washer and groomer came today.
GUESS, just guess how many hours she was at our house.
For two dogs.
Horrifying isn’t it.
Yet somehow I felt completely vindicated. As I said to her, “they are not my responsibility”.
She’s not eve finished Coco as every.single.blade. she owned was blunt by the time she got to dealing with Coco’s face.
Anyway, they look so much better – although she didn’t even get to wash them, just clipping the masses of matted fur off them. Like sheep. – and they’ve been manic ever since.
I almost like them.
Our accountant bumped us for being too-small-a-client (the audacity!). They referred us to another accounting company who conveniently are located at the end of our street in the local business area of our suburb. I rang them today. They sounded lovely, which is disappointing because they’re probably nowhere near as shifty and sneaky as our past accountant who always managed an excellent tax return for both of us. Anyway, we’re seeing Ben next week. Apparently he’s excellent. I love the name Ben and anyone I meet who is called Ben has the benefit of me already liking them solely because of their name. I’m deep and meaningful like that.
On my way to the Valhalla of Fruit and Vege I called in at the swim school where I used to take the bigger boys when they were little. I loved it because it was run by a woman who had a son with special needs who’d taught swimming. Such was her tenacity she then built a pool and a lap pool in her backyard. Now there’s another pool and a cafe and a creche. I was waiting waiting waiting to talk to someone about getting the boys back into some lessons and doing a water awareness class with Jasper and (gasp) the info on me being able to do some laps. There was a lot of waiting because of the three old biddies infront of me who simply could not get their head around the new system being implemented which meant they paid in advance of their classes/swims. I have ZERO tolerance for old people playing stupid. Anyway, in walked the woman who started it all. She remembered me. She guessed Oscar’s age and asked how he was doing. I haven’t been to this pool in about three years. Anyway, we had a big chat and tomorrow I get to take all four boys to the pool for the two bigger boys to be assessed and to book a class for next term for Jasper which will involve me getting.into.a.swimming.costume and being in the pool with him. G’ah! But you know, her remembering me and her care and concern for my biggest boy? Major brownie points.
In other news, Oscar goes in for dental examination under a general on Friday. I think I mentioned this? I’m trying to forget about it. Because, the seeing Oscar go under a general? The having to hold him down and reassure him as the drugs work, and seeing his eyes roll back and his body go limp, is just on that fine line between about as much as I can bear and me requesting to be taken to the back paddock and shot. Much red wine on Friday night.
The Emmys were on. I could come over all Snark but I just don’t have the energy and everyone I saw on the red carpet looked lovely. And thin. There seemed to be a round stage that discombobulated everyone. I liked that even more.