Today is Tuesday

Note to self as otherwise I’ll forget where I saw them or not be able to find the pages once more.
Must make these from Suse and
Must make these from Krista.
Followed by these.
All of them strike me as excellent lunch box treats.
This afternoon featured the school pick up and then off to a swim assessment and booking in palaver for three boys. Felix told me he’d be in the best group because ‘he’s such a good swimmer and just needs some practice’ (seriously the ego is sometimes astounding). But bugger me, they’ve put him in the top grouping/grade from which they then advance to junior squad. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that is like a year away, but again, another karmic kick-in-the-arse for dismissing any notion of playing cricket this year. Instead I’ll get friggin’ years of getting up at sparrow’s fart to watch kids swimming laps. Typical.
Anyway, Oscar is in A6 which means school aged but can’t swim. Perfect.
And Jasper is an aqua duck. Which seems appropriate considering the waddle with which his mother will be utilising in an attempt to enter and exit the pool with minimal flesh exposed.
But swimming? For three of them? Is FREAKIN’ expensive.
Other than that it was check in with my shrink day, so we followed it with lunch at Chef’s new gig.
Now it’s not the gig I told you all he was going for, he didn’t get that, but they rang him back and offered him 2IC, matching his current salary. So he went, met the guy who got the big gig, who’s worked at the very top pointy end of town in Sydney and the UK. They got on. Chef reckons he can learn a lot from him. So he’s taken it. So we had lunch there because their chai tea is good and their tuna salad was sensational.
Jasper is talking more and more every day. We’re getting full sentences now. It is just very very lovely to watch. As is him lying next to Grover and telling him in garbled gobbledygook all about Thomas the Effing Engine. Or the rituals – like every morning at between 9.30 and 10 going over to the toaster, pointing and then going to sit at the table to wait patiently for his toast. Looking at it with confusion when I gave him jam and he clearly wanted the other option – one slice with vegemite, one with honey. Or that dinner must be ready to be eaten immediately after the bath has been had. And that the whole bath/dinner routine must start at 5pm And the phrase “om-my-ya” which seems to stand for everything from ‘I want that’ to ‘help me up’. Dooce for juice, botbot all dom for bot bot all gone and so it goes on. The child is absolutely edible. And as those friends who have four children say, “ahh yes, the third is an absolute delight”.