The day

So Grover entered Day 3 of Mr Awake McFarty Pants and I had my hair cut. He basically grizzled throughout the whole thing. Nice.
But I have short hair. This is not new for me. I love having short hair. it’s like I’m freed from the shackles of a hair dryer. But I do have a tendency (despite the huge mammaries) to look quite manish. The first time I cut all my hair off my mum took one look at it, promptly burst into tears and wailed, ‘you look like a lesbian’. It was exactly what I had expected. So now I look like a dyke with four boys. I just need a friend to play along so we can go to parent teacher interviews and start the rumours that “Oscar/Felix/Jasper/Grover have two mummies.”
Anyway, I lurve the back. The front isn’t short enough but Toby, my spunkarama (who just was o/s and bought his first all in one bike leathers because they’re cheaper and better in the US apparently… swoon) hairdresser assured me it wouldn’t work shorter.
It’s also purple and I had in my head we’d go lighter today, so I’m working on just how that happened – I think it had something to do with being distracted by Mr Awake McFarty Pants and a Mosman Mum waltzing in with the Bugaboo and every possible accessory including her mother and her two week old little guy who weighed in at something like one of Grover’s legs or 2.6kg or something. So you know, I was trying to deal with the whole ‘there’s the skinny yummy mummy already wearing jeans with all the expensive baby stuff and here’s the fat frump with the beast baby and dyke haircut’ and somewhere the ‘lets go blonde again’ turned into ‘purple? Cool!’
Neither of the bigger boys noticed it.
Just how I was late picking them both up.
So sorry sirs, I’ll try harder.
I’m watching You’ve Got Mail again. Just the tail end as I watched some Disney remake of My Favourite Martian with the boys. There are so many things about this movie I love:
– Meg Ryan’s hair
– her wardrobe
– her home
– the Shop Around the Corner with all its little nooks and crannies
– how she knows all the kids names who come in
– the rapport between her and Tom Hanks – the script is beautifully written
– Tom Hanks as I believe this is before he turned into white bread on white bread
– did I mention her hair?
– if I keep going it will get down to scenes that I adore.
Fight Club was on last night. This was a movie that grabbed me by my ears and woke me up to the world of contemporary fiction (I went to an all girls private school where it was all so about the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen. I remember getting to Sydney Uni and my first English Lit lecture being so massively overwhelming. Yup, such good money spent there.). I love the raw brutality of it and it reminded me of just how much I love Chuck Palahniuck and how deeply I envy his writing ability and the crazy stories he writes.
The baby is coughing. A lot. Such good timing on the eve of a long weekend as well.
The latest National Geographic arrived today. I lurve this magazine. It was what made me want to be a journalist. I still harbour not so secret dreams of writing for it. Anyways, apart from learning a lot about Pakistan (not that I’d ever really thought about it but I didn’t know it was formed in 1947 as part of Indian independence from the English. Yup, the value of that education being highlighted once more) which just fills me with worry and concern for the world in general, there’s an article on the Glacier and Waterton Lakes national parks that cross the US/Canada border. I was kinda waiting for the piece to tell me about how the Bush Administration is now allowing the mining for oil, an open cut mine of some sort and perhaps a new series of golf courses with associated housing projects. But no, it was just a celebration of this wondrous landscape and the implication global warming will have on it. Oh how I would LOVE to hike through it. I’m just up to Tales from the Bog, which appeals to my puerile sense of humour no end.