Look what I bought

A few weeks back in one of her beautiful and engaging Monday Mosaics, Poppalina posted an image from this quirky talent. I was immediately addicted.
I was also still smarting about something Chef did a few weeks back with minimal consultation and communication and which I found rather hurtful and intensely selfish considering I’d just given birth to our fourth child.
There was also some brooding self pity going on about the fact I have friends whose husbands buy them something (read:jewellery diamonds from Tiffany’s) on the birth of their children.
So I got it into my head that I was going to buy something just for me, to mark the arrival of Grover and indeed the end of my life as a breeder. That sounds melodramatic. Nice isn’t it.
There was no budget for such baubles and there certainly wasn’t any concerted looking for something.
But in that Monday Mosaic of Poppalina was the most lovely and to me very relevant piece of jewellery.
A bracelet made from the keys of antique typewriters.
So look at what arrived in the post for me this week:
It has the first ten letters of the alphabet with the larger ‘Margin Release’ (how appropriate!) key in the middle. It fits beautifully and has an enchanting key charm hanging of one of the links. So not only is it appropriate considering I write for a living, it is full of promise with the charms the boys will buy me for birthdays and anniversaries to come.
Every time I look at it I smile.