I love the smell of public humiliation in the morning

Just as I need the ritual of a weekly public weigh-in to get my eating under control, posting that post spurred me into action
(BTW – if you click on the images it opens them really big so you can read my oh-so-witty-I’m-losing-my-mind-with-all-this-crap-and-clutter-in-my-life narrative)

The top of the bookshelves have been rediscovered. All that washing has been sorted and (almost) put away. The washing in the laundry has been done and hung out. And today. Today by nine o’clock this morning I had bleached both bathrooms to within an inch of their lives. From the ceiling to the floor. Seriously. In the boys bathroom I washed.the.walls. They’re so squeaky clean even my fingers shine. The next will be the kitchen bench. One day at a time peoples, one day at a time.

Then the entire tribe headed out to the Hideous Mall. The two bigger boys have entire new summer wardrobe thanks to that stunning outlet Best and Less. Chef and I almost vomited at the total once we were at the check-out, but figured it is in essence going to dress four boys so we should just shut-up and wear it. The cost I mean. Then there was a quick supermarket stop. Quick because as soon as I walked in there with four children my head exploded. Too many people, too much noise, too many shelf packers (at 11am on a Saturday? WTF?), too everything. Then an ice cream for the crew and home for Grand Final watching.

Gary Ablett Jnr. Son of one of the great legends of the game.
(Photo: Vince Caligiuri from SMH site)

The youngest little fella has well and truly worked out his thumb and is now like a little clock – feeds every four hours, is up for about two, has a grizzle, goes into his cot, talks to his tiger, finds his thumb and is asleep in minutes. God I love a thumb-sucker.

Cheeky chops – Grover, 12 weeks

I am taking this in all its glory because his older brother is back in a phase of not eating, not going to bed, refusing to take a nap, getting up during the night and wandering around the house or as I found him this morning at 6.03am, climbing up the chair at the end of Grover’s cot to jump.in.Grover’s.cot. While Grover was sleeping in it. Oy.

Tomorrow is the boys bedroom as the winter stuff will get sorted and stored and I will try and make their limited wardrobe space work for them. And me.

But now? Now I’m so freakin’ tired I feel like my legs might fall off.