So yesterday I experienced having three seven year olds, a 22 month old and a 2 month old in one house for about 7 hours. There was one stage they (the seven year olds) were really quiet and a responsible parent would have gone and checked on them but I just said a quiet prayer of thanks and kept on with the washing up. Then I heard this:
Cue whiney whingy voice
Felix: “M, read in your head.”

That’s right. The three of them were hanging out in Felix and Oscar’s room reading. Seriously. If I didn’t know better I would have thought they’re all being home/Montessori/we climb trees and let our children be children-schooled.

Then it returned to rumbling, thundering through the house, all jumping on the trampoline, cricketing and other normal boy stuff.

Then one of them went home.
And Oscar returned from hanging out at Nana and Grandpa’s.
I’d made Chef make me some pizza dough before he went to work so, as Grover screamed himself to sleep because the poor little tacker has a shocking cough/head cold and has just been miserable since Friday and I just couldn’t carry him around any longer and he wasn’t having a piece of the bouncer or the floor so bed it was, I rolled out some dough and it was game on.

Dudes, it was fine but hard. Having that extra person who’s not blood. So you try and be nice. All the time.
Anyway, we got through it and it’s all good.

Then today my Dad and my SM, S, came for brunch. There were pancakes with maple butter (out of the current Gourmet Traveller – whip 250g of butter w/ 1/3 cup maple syrup and 1 tsp cinnamon), bacon, roasted tomatoes, corn fritters, warm bread and raspberry smoothies. It was all very chilled and just lovely.

Even though Felix and Oscar seem intent on harassing each other into an early grave at the moment. People, it is non-stop. I actually give them points for their tenacity at pissing each other off every second of their waking moments with each other. So while we were just hanging out picking over various bits of deliciousness, the two of them were fighting over Thomas the Effing Engine track pieces. I am not kidding. At one stage I threatened to leave them at home while the rest of us carried out the rest of the planned activities of the day. Because you know, one activity just isn’t enough. But Felix, if I didn’t know better and if it was, you know, physically possible, I’d say is on the rag.

So Dad and S departed and we headed up to Chef’s parents place for afternoon tea of scones, homemade jam and footy in the yard. Just lovely. But again, the two older boys getting in each other’s face and being incredibly irritating and boring for the rest of us.

Dinner was toasted sandwiches and bed, despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth from on-the-rag Felix, was 7.30. So I got Idol without interruption. SWEEEET.