Idol ruminations – third final, disco the night away

After last week’s absolutely appalling performances I approached tonight with a great deal of fear, trepidation and loathing.

I’m going to try the live posting while it’s on, just to keep me amused.

Tarasai Vushe. Dear Lord it looks like two pigs fighting under a blanket down there. I can only imagine how much time was spent getting into those pants. She sang something and it was underwhelming. I am concerned the same ‘safe’ performances are going to flow as they did last week.

Relief! Ben McKenzie was great. Last year Damien Lieth just had this quiet conviction. A fortitude if you will, about his ability and capacity to win. And then, even after Kyle called him tic-tac teeth, he went and won it. Ben has that same ‘air’. He is a real contender.

Mark da Costa rocked it and was really good. I liked it. He ROCKED. I like him more and more each week. He was the saving grace of abysmal last week, but this week stepped up to the plate then smashed it over his head.

Cosette Ja’mie Lana ‘The Thief*’ Krost is up after the break.

It sounds like she started on the wrong note. GOODNESS, she even admitted she how ‘musical theatre’ she sounded but how far she’s come (all in the ear of the believer m’dear).
It’s a case study in how to sing disco (or in last week’s example rock) as if you’re auditioning for the school musical.
FINALLY the judges are being ruthless. FINALLY.
But it’s been a TRAINWRECK.

Jacob Butler is camped out in the same tent as Daniel Misfud for me. I care not if they stay or go. Once the competition is over they’ll hang around for a while and then just disappear off the radar and turn up on one of those ‘where are they now’ shows in ten years time. He’s singing a Jamiroquai song. It’s OK.

Marty Simpson. Singing a Hot Chocolate tune. Yey for Marty! He finally didn’t look like he was about to crap his dacks from fear and actually seemed to have f.u.n. Awesome. Some judges liked it, some hated it. I fear he may go this week.

Daniel ‘I am a hairy man’ Mifud. Oh he with the high hair. See Jacob Butler.
Eugh, is walking through the audience doing this thing with his hand normally reserved for ‘and her tits were this big’. Very distracting. And the pointy boots. I believe his has perfected the Grandpa dance shuffle. Just waiting for it to be over so we can hear something potentially more exciting.

(BTW – It is scaring me just how much I am agreeing with Kyle Sandilands these days)

Carl Risely. I know it’s lame, but I have a soft spot for this guy. Is it the vulnerability? The school boy earnestness and good looks? Who knows, but I just will him to do well. He’s taken risks and survived so far and I hope it continues. Tonight though, was just a little irritating. It was the scatting. Is that how you spell it? Or am I going to get a whole heap of really dirty googlers.

Matt Corby. The current front-runner to take out the 2007. I really like this guy and damn can he sing. Are they lycra pants? This guy is a walking advertisement for hair wax. I actually think he’s tearing the song up, but he just looks so uncomfortable.


Vocally this guy just craps over everyone else. Am so pleased he’s getting the kudos from the judges.

Oh look. Bringing up the rear. How appropriate. TiNatalie GaucArena. The balladrear. Eesh. Fishnets. I reckon if they did a close up those thighs would be looked like a trussed chicken or one of those rolled roasts. You know the ones in the butcher’s shops where the meat is rolled and then encased in a white netting and the meat pushes out through the gaps. The judges love it. Don’t really know why. Maybe it was better in studio.

So, a MUCH better night that last week. A few great performances – Ben, Mark and Matt just burned it up. Cosette was satisfyingly appalling. TiNatalie, Jacob, Ben and Tarisai comfortably predictable, Carl and Marty OK. My guess for the bottom three – Cosette, Jacob and Carl. Or maybe Marty instead of Carl.

Cheray Doughty. Robbed.

The candle burns in her memory.

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  • bluemountainsmary

    my personal bottom three were Lana jacob and tarasai. lana and tarasai boring and Jacob still disturbs me. and his song choice was very poor. Carl and Marty so much better this week. Natatina at least had some grunt this week which she has been missing before. Ben excellent and Matt outstanding. I thought Mark did better with disco than with rock – ironically.

  • Janet

    I would question whether the offering from Matt was really disco, even though I though it was really good. I loved Marty doing the Hot Chocolate, even though I wasn’t watching because I was cooking… and Daniel’s Miss You, despite G telling me it was lame lame lame. Again I missed any visual due to having my head in the stir fry. This is the point I become really sucked in and become an idol tragic…. I applaud your live blogging of the event… you go girl

  • Janet

    And those tights, what on earth was she thinking?!? I couldn’t tell whether her singing had any merit because of those awful tights… and they liked it?! Huh. But I thought her hair was good, I desire one of those straightener things now but like you say, 300 for an appliance for hair.. it’s not going to happen here either..

  • Muzbot

    I realised half way through watching this disco show that I really don’t care about Idol anymore. Why? Mark Holden is losing his sanity on live TV. Ok, this actually should make for good television, but really, the guy is a nutbag. Also, these singers were supposed to be “the best yet”… Well, they all seem rather lame now after such a promising start to this year’s season.

    I’m glad you are keeping the updates coming, because I can at least find humour in what you write and I won’t need to watch this show again this year.