In other news

which may shed even more light for you all as to why I am quite prone to melodrama, Mum was taken to hospital today suffering a severe asthma attack.
We were in Pyrmont at the time where Chef was having an interview for that job I mentioned the other day, so we hot-footed it home and were with her in Emergency until the senior nurse curtly told me in light of the severe gastro bug going around Sydney and the three cases they’d had in there that morning it was no place for young children and I should leave.
So now my brother is with her.
I believe she’s coming home today but considering she didn’t even realise they’d taken blood from her I’m very concerned. I know it’s asthma but can that be stress related? She has been sooooo stressed at work and does not manage stress or anxiety at all well. Without any medical knowledge or training whatsoever I feel this has played a part. When I got to the hospital she looked awful. Anyways…

It makes me want to bake but get this. I have no sugar in the house. None.
Who, WHO ever runs out of sugar?

And J – chocolate and pineapple together? Oh my yes, yes indeed they do.