I am SO excited

I don’t do Survivor
I won’t touch Big Brother
Bachelors, Bachelorettes, Laguna Beach, Real Lives and the rest all pass me by.

But this. This is my fix.*

* America’s Next Top Model is also in this category, but I’m still miffed we’re only getting Cycle 8 now when it’s all done and dusted. Even worse, on free to air, they’re showing Cycle 6 as if it’s current. I know, I only take on the big issues over here.

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  • h&b

    I only watch the nuffies in the original auditions, then get bored.

    The only ‘reality’ show I *cannot* miss is “Project Runway” .. which is on Arena… hmm .. must look up when the next season is ….

    I used to also like “The Apprentice” until about the 3rd series and it got all ‘yawn’

  • Kim

    oh yes H&B, Project Runway is also a fixture. But once again, Australian television hinders us from seeing the current series in any sort of timing that makes sense.

  • Jenn

    I used to watch “Idol” religiously. Then it just got boring.

    Now, I can’t stand to miss a single episode of “Hell’s Kitchen.” Love it!