You know you’re tired when…

– you tell the Baby Health Clinic nurse you live on Ocean Street, when you don’t at all.
– you tell the same nurse that your surname is different, it’s B, when in fact it’s P and Chef and the boys are B.
– you go to drain a tin of something over the sink and instead tip the entire lot into the sink.
– you break your favourite vintage Fowler bowl.
– you drop the bottle containing the final precious mls of Oscar’s steroid medication as you’re measuring it out. And lose the entire lot on the floor.
– you consistently call the new baby the name of the child who was the baby.
– you are falling asleep so quickly, so hard, that you wake yourself up because you think to yourself as it’s happening “oh this can’t be good.”
– it takes a full s.e.v.e.n. days for you to leave the house.

That’s right people.
Stop the presses, I finally left the house today.
I took Jasper to the supermarket.
Firstly, it felt very weird driving the new car without being pregnant.
Secondly, I saw two pregnant women while I was there and thought, maybe you should never say never. Thirdly, by the time we parked and I got J into the trolley, I was done. Ready to go home.
Fourthly, it was really lovely to bump into Oscar’s teacher from last year and to see the face on one of the store manager’s who just adores Oscar and who we now chat to on seeing me, realising I’d had the baby and that we were all home.

I made a new batch of granola tonight and have just had a mug of it with strawberry yoghurt. Yum.

Other cooking achievements this week:
– I turned the left over delicious beef stew Chef made for me into a meat pie. First I made a batch of hot water pastry, then I thickened the stew slightly with a cornflour slurry and added some peas. Then into the oven for half an hour. Delish.

– Last night was my ginger rice and chicken, tonight fried rice made from the leftovers. (Realise haven’t linked to this recipe or listed it at the bottom of the page – will do so at some stage.)
– Spaghetti w/ meatballs (thank you freezer).

Chef is doing three double shifts this week, his mum and dad are both really sick, my mum has to see a cardiologist. Is it bad I want to scream “I just had a baby and lost a litre of blood so it’s still meant to be ALL ABOUT ME!”

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  • blackbird

    You are dead tired but made pie dough.
    See? this is what I cannot comprehend.

  • Major Bedhead

    Why isn’t Chef taking a couple of days off? Is there anyone you can call in to give you a hand? And for the love of pete, could you not just do take away for a few nights? You’re making me tired just reading all this.

  • Kim

    But BB, it’s hot water pastry, it takes a second to make and is virtually indestructible.

    MB – you know, it hadn’t even occurred to me to do take away. Maybe that’s the true indication of tiredness.

    Chef had last Mon-Thurs off, so this week has to make up for it. Welcome to hospitality.Mum has been a big help in terms of entertaining the kids, particularly Jasper, but I can see she’s not well and really worn out and then the guilt just rolls in…

  • BreadBox

    I’m sure that after 4 you know better than me, but, if I recall right after Skibo was born, things did get less tired after a while… hang in there, Kim, you’ll be okay!


  • Joke

    Actually, the big leap was going from 0 to 1.


  • Suse

    I can’t believe you’re doing all this gourmet cooking! After giving birth a week ago. I don’t think I prepared a meal for a month … let alone went out and grocery shopped.

    (I don’t do this amount of cooking in one week NOWadays …)

    I bow low to you.

  • Janet

    Could chef bring some meals home from work? (if it’s the sort of place that does that, although considering the absence of paternity leave? not that that’s an issue unique to hospitality).

    I understand cooking when tired, all the same…. some rest?

    You rock.