where to begin.
Firstly, is it OK to give a blanket thank you to all of you for your well wishes and congratulations? It seems so slack, particularly the bolstering role it is playing for me at the mo.
I had thought this post and those around it would be all earth-mother-ish, organic, peaceful, ecstatic and so on and so forth.
But here we are.
Do I do the labour story? Do I do the post-delivery story? Do I try and encapsulate this brave new world? Do I…
I dunno.
This little guy is here, he is just an absolute joy.
Gorgeous and just a little monkey.
He looks exactly like Felix did at birth except he’s got my body shape rather than that of Chef.
He’s a bit jaundice which is making him sleepy and because of how washed out I am and the fact the kid has some reserves, I haven’t really been on top of the feeding and getting it regular so the jaundice is being watched etc.
But my milk is in – first squirt into his eye has been achieved – and he has basically fed on and off tonight from 4.50 to 8.30 so I’m kinda relaxing on the jaundice-watch.
The labour was exactly the same as Jasper’s, in that my waters broke, three hours later labour kicked in and 45 minutes later Grover was in the world.
I was naked and standing up.
No drugs.
No tearing.
I felt invincible.
Then my uterus went on holidays or what is called a ‘relaxed uterus’ state. This is something that can happen when you have a fast, intense labour – that it just decides it’s had enough and doesn’t keep contracting down, so then you bleed a lot. Which I did. About a litre, which I didn’t think sounded like that much, but every medical person who reads my notes goes, “gee, you did lose a lot didn’t you.”
Then there was lots of drugs.
So now I feel completely washed out and hit by a tank and seem to have lost my mojo.
I’m nothing if not dramatic.
If I even dabble in the thought of how I’m going to do this when Chef is at work five nights a week the sense of overwhelming-ness swallows me whole.
There’s so much to tell and so little time and energy to do so.
I really am OK, really. I need to get my iron levels back up and sleep as often as possible, so they are my current goals.
Oscar is a lot better today. He basically slept for 36 hours, was unresponsive, listless and they thought had pneumonia. He doesn’t. It’s a severe upper respiratory virus which all of us have to varying degrees. Chef, Felix and Jasper have had it for weeks, Oscar and I developed it on Sunday and by Tuesday he was in hospital. Anyway, we’re all home, I’m pumping all of us full of vitamins and every other applicable medicine under the sun. I’m very nervy the new little guy will get it.
This all sounds so flat doesn’t it. It’s not meant to.
So here are some pics to let you all know that it really is all good and the arrival of our new little guy has just been spectacular.
And as everyone exclaims… four boys!
And some classic quotes:

Felix (who was at the birth and cut Grover’s umbilical cord): “I almost cried when he came out because it was so exciting.”

Me: “What’s this in my hair, blood and guts? (on closer inspection) It is blood and guts!”

Me: “Wow, that’s a lot of blood. (on closer inspection) What’s that, it looks like a liver.”

Doctor (about to do an internal – WITH HER ENTIRE HAND – to determine blood clotting situation): “Now, this is going to hurt and it’s going to hurt a lot. I suggest you suck on the gas at the strongest dose and don’t stop.”

Doctor (about to give me a suppository up the arse to help post-labour contractions): “This isn’t going to be pleasant either.”

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  • Elizabeth

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You’ve done it again you lovely lady – another gorgeous little Berry Bean baked to perfection. He is gorgeous.

    So happy for all of you – the little foursome looks juuuust right.

    Hope you are recovering well along with Ogga.

    Soooo much love and best wishes

  • BreadBox

    Gorgeous baby, gorgeous kids, and I absolutely *love* the picture of you holding him! Glad that you’re all doing better, especially Oscar. How exciting for Felix!


  • daysgoby

    I’ve said this before, I think…you do make gorgeous boys, Kim!

    Wow. Enjoy him. He’s beautiful.

  • Badger

    Kim! What a beautiful family you have. I’m so glad Oscar is better and all the chicks are now in the nest.

    I can’t imagine how exhausted you must be after losing so much blood, but that will get better too.

    Don’t ever doubt that you CAN do this! I am speaking as your psychic advisor here, missy!

  • blackbird

    Well it all looks perfect to me.
    I’m so glad you are all home and doing all right…

    hugs and hugs!

  • MsCellania

    Holy Cannoli!
    That Grover looks every bit of 6 weeks old!
    Your children are all beautiful.
    They look so happy to welcome Grover into the fold. Even Jasper, who must be looking longingly at Grover’s food supply…
    Much sleep and good health all around!

  • meggie

    Oh Kim, Grover is truly gorgeous. And that fabulous photo of the 4 boys!
    You lucky girl.
    Keep well.xx

  • joanne

    I am soooo excited for you and just for the record you dont sound flat at all – just telling it like it is.I absolutely loved Felix’ birth comment – precious! Wow four boys – how proud are you!

  • Stomper Girl

    Wow, look at your 4 gorgeous boys. Boys are GREAT!! Well done. And don’t overdo it, if that’s at all possible….

  • Surfing Free

    Congratulations!!! Welcome to the long dark cave that is there just for the mothers for new babies. Three weeks later I’m slowly moving twoards the light – I hope you are to.

    Like you I’m trying not to think about what life will be like once my help (ie. my Mum) goes because it is hard work indeed with her here so hard hard work when she goes I suppose. But what am I saying, I’ve only got three – you’ve got FOUR!!! 🙂

    Grover is gorgeous, pink and perfect 🙂

  • h&b

    I dunno – I can hear the cheer behind the everyday drama and strife. Despite the lurgies and worry, I hear the tone of the triumphant and proud.

    yay you.

    P.S. – a mass thankyou ? Where’s my handwritten card ? 😉


    GORGY photos. What a handsome family of boy-o’s

  • Em

    Wow! He’s gorgeous 🙂 I’m sending you sweet sleep and ironful thoughts!

    Em xx

  • Joke

    Congratulations! I like the strapless hospital gown, also.


  • shula

    I confess that after that story, I’m feeling a bit faint.

    The idea of a fist up the jexie right after birth, and all that…

    You know how it is…

  • joanne

    ps you are tagged ( like youve got time an all!!!!!!)

  • Suse

    FOUR BOYS!!!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    The look on Felix’s face in that shot of all four boys brings tears to my eyes.

    After my #3 was born I lost just over a litre (1300ml I think) and got all the same comments. My hands and feet were practically transparent for weeks, I was so devoid of blood and iron. And I felt pale and washed out for weeks. Just lie on the couch as much as possible and get your mum to do lots of cooking and changing of both babies’ nappies, etc.

    I’m filled with love and joy for you Kim!


  • Suse

    PS. My word verif just then was ahsicrud, which if you say it aloud sounds like arsey crud.

    And I thought to myself, yes.

  • Major Bedhead

    Congratulations!! Gorgeous baby boy. I had that same uterus thing and the whole hand up the hoo-ha was more than unpleasant. My sympathies on that bit of it!

    He is just adorable.

  • Jenn

    Congratulations, momma! Wow, four kids, boys or not, you have your hands, and your heart, full full full! You have my undying admiration, truly.

    Beautiful, beautiful family you have there.

  • BabelBabe

    oh my god, i am beside myself, your boys are so lovely. so so lovely. take good care of yourself, i wish there were more of us there closer to help you out. Then I wouldn’t just virtually hug you and hold the baby, I would cook you dinner and wrangle your three older ones for an afternoon so you could nap. Oh, Kim, congratulations!

  • *BB*

    Congratulations! What a cute wee family! Some of that birth talk had me a bit woozy but omg the quotes had me laughing so hard!