That’s a scintillating title isn’t it.
I’m abandoning a week in pictures this week because ENOUGH ALREADY with technology screwing with my mind and time this week.
Today it rained. Yey!
I saw my shrink. Yey!
I was in Balmain, so I went to this little unassuming cafe which sells the best gelato in town. It was freezing and I sat in the car in pure bliss eating my hazelnut and tiramisu cup.
There’s also a fantastic chocolate shop, so I went there too. And bought a box of proper, hand made chocolates.
Then I had my midwife appointment. All fine and very routine.
Although parking at Royal North Shore shits me to tears – as in the last two appointments it has taken half.a.freakin’.hour to get a park. SNORE.
Anyway, my appt was delayed for myriad reasons, so by the time it was over I had to do the school pick-up, but not before another piece of comfort shopping could take place:

except mine are a deep green.
My pregnant feet with toes like little fat sausages are in absolute heaven.