That was overkill, even for me

Today I made:
– a mega batch of bolognaise sauce, some now frozen in snaplock bags
– meatballs, enough for two meals, now frozen in snaplock bags

– tomato sauce, for the meatballs or just plain, enough for two meals, now frozen in snaplock bags
– vegetable stock
– cinnamon fritters

Now my back is killing me.

Jasper, in his pure 19 month old form, created an obstacle course for me on the kitchen floor, including a saucepan lid, small frypan and some frizbee type toy that Felix got for his birthday.
I went for a slide on the frizbee type thing at one point and seriously? the burning searing tearing pain that ran from my crotch to my heart? made me think “oh shit, here we go, this is going to break my waters for sure”.
It didn’t.
It just made me swear really loudly.
Enough to make the boys look up from the television.

The baby is doing karate kicks at the moment.
Kinda cute.

The cinnamon fritters were amazing. I keep finding myself back in the kitchen, sticking my finger in my mouth then into the left over cinnamon sugar. So gross but so so good.

Things that shit me:
– that I have to sweep the floor after every single meal. Is there going to be some point in time this will not be so?
– it’s the final of Hell’s Kitchen tonight, but Foxtel is screening the wrong finale. True story. They’re showing the first series where the crazy guy who’d walk around talking to himself at 4am won, not the one with the big dopey fellow, the cry-baby girl and the stressbucket chick.
– the absolute compulsion of 19 month olds to empty cupboards, shelves, cd racks and anything else they can get their hands on. WHY?
– there’s heaps of other things but they’ve fallen out of my head
– and that in itself shits me greatly.