Streams of consiousness that result in meals

This morning I woke with the standard resignation that nothing had eventuated from all the backache and period-like pains I had all day yesterday.

I had a real hankering for raspberry muffins, but wanted them to have oats in them as well. I was sure there was a recipe lying around somewhere that I had seen but couldn’t find it.

So then I moved on to thinking about the little breakfast trifles Nigella makes, where she layers pureed frozen raspberries (w/ a smidge of icing sugar) with vanilla yoghurt and crushed oatmeal biscuits.

There was no way I was going for that level of effort, but the raspberries were appealing to me.

Then I remembered the rest of the family (who had gone off to Auskick) so made pancakes and pulled out two punnets of strawberries I’d forgotten I bought the other day as their price was finally coming down into ‘realistic’.

So, the strawberries went into a jar with a few teaspoons of icing sugar, which I then pureed. Jasper was at the bench on his green chair armed with a spoon and the number of spoonfuls that went down allayed some of my incredulity at just how many raisins that child can eat. Between yesterday being the day of the grape, today being the day of the raisin, I’m hoping the baby arrives so I don’t have to deal with Jasper’s nappies.

So I made pancakes, Chef’s parents – who had gone to watch Felix play Auskick (the kid loves an audience – he scored two goals and had several marks) – dropped in for coffee and it was all really very communal, spontaneous and lovely.

But my hankering was not abated.

So I made me a bowl of porridge. I am normally very ‘good’ when it comes to porridge in that I make it with water and oats, but today that simply wasn’t going to do. Half milk, half water and I had me the best bowl of oats I’ve had in months. I topped it with the strawberry sauce and some maple syrup and washed it all down with a cup of tea.

That is what I call a good breakfast.

Tonight I made Silvana’s fishcakes and Nigella’s roast potatoes. Recipes tomorrow if nothing happens overnight.

I’m still pregnant and all is quiet on the labouring front. I am feeling all excited and anxious with the occasional spritz of vitriol for all the “ooooo how’s it going/not long now/is that baby still not here!” comments.

Midwife is tomorrow at 10.