While the boy name stands as in my previous post, the girls name has had a last minute change.

She will be Matilda Sage, or indeed Sage Matilda, depending on what she tells us when she comes out. This is quite momentous considering the girls name has been Matilda Elizabeth since we were pregnant with Oscar a whopping 10 years ago.

But seriously people, I wish I’d run a book on whether it’s a boy or a girl as I reckon there was a substantial amount of money to be made.

It’s raining to day, my favourite weather of all time. I’m at home with Jasper just hanging out. I feel like I want to go out but as my previous post alludes to, and Major Bedhead’s comment confirms, I know once I’m out I’ll be yearning to be home. Once I’m walking around I’ll be desperate to lie down and so on and so forth.

I might do some baking instead.