Day 2

so today I cleaned, did washing and had family visit.
The end.

I’d post a pic but can’t work out/remember how to download pics from my camera.

Was feeling tired after a night of broken sleep due to some skanky hoes having a fight at 1.30 this morning, which made the dogs bark, which woke the baby, who then lay in our bed pulling my hair until 3am, which then resulted in me being very cranky and stubborn and basically control crying him until he went back to sleep in his own damn bed. But now, am cranky as all get out. How to piss off a really pregnant woman? Tell her what to do.

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  • joanne

    would it be stupid to say that I hope you are putting your feet up????

  • Suse

    Damn those skanky hoes.

    (I love it when you talk american).

  • h&b

    lol ( sorry ) – when I was about 8months gone and living in the city, I as rudely awoken one Sunday at 4am by drug-induced doof-doof loop music ( not even good stuff ) from a party across the road.

    I was SO cranky I tossed and turned and eventually woke up DH and told him to go and do something about it.

    He went over to said party and rang the bell. Some wasted types were sitting on the steps grinning vacantly and waving at him. Eventually he gave up and came home and I made him call the cops 😉