The passage of time

A few years back we tried to get the boys involved in AusKick – the young kids program for Australian Rules Football.
Because this here is a Carlton Blues household, trapped in a city of Sydney Swans.
Anyway, the boys HATED it.
In fact, one week we were going to training and they started screaming in the car that they didn’t want to go as we turned into the street on which the training field was located.
So loud were their protestations, that Chef’s mum and dad, who had come to watch the boys, could hear them screaming before we’d even
Getting them out of the car was one thing, getting them to participate was another.
The two of them would sit in the middle of the paddock picking at blades of grass in passive resistance that would have impressed Gandhi.
So fast forward three years.
Felix said to me a few months back, can I play AusKick this year instead of soccer.
Soccer just sort of happened, with the same team as last year reforming and well, it was just easy.
Then Chef got his new job which gave him Sundays off. Which means watching Sunday arvo footie.
Combined with the whole thing of the boys lurching into that age where their dad is a G.O.D. (Felix to me the other day: “When I’m a grown up and be a Dad, a cool dad, just like Dad is.”)
Then Chef and he went to the Swans game at the SCG on Sunday.
And Felix says to me last night, “Can I quit soccer and play AFL?”
We have a chat about how he can’t quit soccer because the season has started and it would be letting his team down but that I’ll investigate when AusKick is on. And maybe he could do both.
Yeah, because we all know how much I love weekend sport.
SO it turns out, AusKick train at the same field as before, just downt he road from us. On a Wednesday. Chef’s day off.
And they play on a Sunday morning, Chef’s day off.
So now, we’re playing AusKick and soccer.
They went to training tonight and you should have seen how animated Felix was tonight.
It was only outdone by his father’s excitement. “He’s got a KILLER kick!”
And at dinner tonight?
Age 7 years and 6 days Felix announced, “FINALLY I know what I’m going to be when I grow up. An AFL player. And play for Carlton.”