mmm limes…

Woollies had limes for the same price per kilo as lemons the other day – as opposed to one lime costing the same as the per kilo price for their yellow sibling.

So I made my lemon yoghurt cake according to the original recipe, in which it was called a lime yoghurt cake.


I also caught up w/ a friend from school – Sar – who is married to an English minister and now lives in the UK. She’ staying with her olds and it is always a surreal experience when visiting to be back in that house we all hung out in as teenagers, but now as parents. with children. and in my case, a LOT of them.

Then my beautifully wonderful friend Lara came over – just because. Can I just say, it was SO nice hanging out with women today.

For dinner I made pasta shells stuffed w/ ricotta and spinach.
Make a basic tomato sauce (I doubled this recipe and also cooked the onions for a long long time at first, so it went deep brown, but not crisp.)
Make a bechamel (I haven’t done this before but was feeling like it needed the creaminess – I did about half this recipe.)

For the shells
2xpackets of frozen finely chopped spinach, defrosted and well drained
500g ricotta
1 onion, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, crushed
– cook the onion and garlic, let cool slightly
– mix ingredients together and season

pour sauce into baking dish
top with shells stuffed w/ ricotta and spinach
drizzle over bechamel
scatter over cheese
c00k at 180C until shells are cooked.