Glimpses of a weekend

The second round of soccer, on the day now referred to as SaturSoccerday – Oscar’s soccer session

Jasper – after almost ripping the soccer shirt off Oscar’s back, wore this one all day. (The toy was one he just helped himself to from some other poor unsuspecting kid on the sidelines.)
Because one form of organised weekend sport is not enough. Sunday morning at Auskick. People, it is 8am in this shot. On a Sunday morning. S.u.n.d.a.y.
Neither eldest child now goes anywhere without one of these under their arm. I am not kidding.
Current most common phrase uttered in this house: “Stop bouncing that ball!” Followed by: “Take it outside” or “Not in the hallway” and “Get out of the kitchen”.
Jasper raging the early start out for all of us.
Sunday afternoon. GLORIOUS pseudo winter’s afternoon at Manly Dam.
Yummy food. Great friends. Just hanging out.