The beginning of leaving

Today a group of us (kinda) spontaneously went out for lunch as my maternity leave approaches.

The air was fresh, the food fantastic and the people?
The people were just some of those who make my working world wonderful. Those I respect, who I laugh with and confide in, who know me.

Just lovely.

Today’s name is Maximus George.

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  • Jenn

    Sounds like a good day! Time for yourself is the best time to have, even if it is the hardest time to get.

    Maximus…a good strong name and shortened to Max, easy to spell!

  • Jonathan

    Maximus Decimus Aurelius, leader of the northern armies, husband of a murdered wife, father of a m… oh wait… that might not sound very good at school. might it…

  • meggie

    I like Maximus George.
    I thought you werent going to know what you are having?
    Or have I missed a beat here?

  • h&b

    Sounds like a great day – to the Maximus 😉

  • joanne

    love the name…