Pregnancy enigmatic moments and Nigella Lawson’s Mushy Peas

When the smell of bananas makes me gag (not helped by finally locating the smell in Oscar’s bag – a R.O.T.T.E.N banana) but I eat two banana toasted sandwiches for dinner.
How chocolate no longer holds any sway over me whatsoever. At all.
That – for the first time since Oscar’s pregnancy (there are two in between) – I can’t bend down or get on an angle to do up shoes.
Similar to Oscar’s pregnancy, if I stand for too long or “do too much” (read stand a lot, run around a lot, pick up Jasper a lot) I get early labour pains and have pinkish-brown mucus.
Sorry, I know that last point caught many of you off guard.
I have had three of these “shows” since Sunday week ago.
It give the tail end of pregnancy an interesting ‘edge’.
I am absolutely craving red wine.
This hit the spot last week – Nigella’s mushy peas

  • 300g frozen peas
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 3 tbl creme fraiche
  • 3 tbl parmesan, finely grated
  • salt and pepper
  1. Bring a saucepan of water to boil with the garlic clove in it.
  2. cook peas, drain and discard garlic
  3. puree peas w/ the creme fraiche and parmesan
  4. season to taste
  5. I added more creme fraiche and parmesan on the top at the end because I’m pregnant and I can.

Name updates:
I am (still) loving Grover (although now I’m leaning to Grosvenor as – believe it or not – I am conscious of the child being cranky about being named after a blue muppet, even though no-one EVER makes the Oscar the Grouch connection w/ Oscar or the Felix the Cat w/Felix) Sebastian, Theodore, Oliver, Baxter and Banjo.

Chef is adamant on George, in fact, last week announced “It doesn’t matter what we call him, I’m going to call him George.”

I finish work on Friday.
This fills me with so much excitement.
I feel like I will finally be able to be pregnant.
If that makes any sense at all.
Here’s hoping I don’t go into labour on Friday night as I finally relax.



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  • Em

    Don’t come early baby…. give mum a chance to relax!

    I love Banjo!

  • Suse

    I vote for Baxter.

    Baxterette if it’s a girl.

    Also, a babyname story for you: my aunt used to be a teacher, known as Mrs Perry to her young disciples. When she was pregnant all the students used to think up names for the baby. One wit yelled out ‘Call him Gerald Terence!’

    Gerry Terry Perry.

    (I’m just sayin).

  • h&b

    One of the ladies in my ward birthed a “Felix”.

    Little did she know that he would cry like a cat. Being stepped on.
    I felt the name was indeed, apt.

    I’m sure her Felix was the reason I left a day earlier than planned …his screeching was NOT endearing 😉

  • Kim

    Yeah, I’m liking Baxter as well.

    H&B – Felix screamed for the first three and a half years of his life, so maybe there’s something in a name afterall.

    Suse – Perry is very close to the boys surname, so I get that on all levels.

  • killyweasel

    a very amusing guy from uni threatened to call his third child Kevin Trevor Neville if it was a boy – thank goodness he has three girls!! Baxter is an improvement on Grover. But it is not grabbing me, nor is Banjo (knew a very scruffy dog called banjo). And just for chef – a friend of mine calls her period George … “I’m a bit grumpy waiting for george to arrive” or “i am not going out tonight because george is here” so that makes it a bit weird. then again, another friend called her vagina a ‘jemima’ growing up and I still love that name. why are we all so repressed?! i have another friend who has never been able to say, or hear, the words tampon or penis without being absolutely mortified. on the bright side, i would be pretty confident to say at least they are not on the table as potential names for number 4…..are they!??!? what about Quattro – didn’t greeks used to call number 7’s Septimus or some such thing. I vote Darcy or Fiztwilliam to be so very P&P, or what about Bingley while we are on that theme, or Wickham if you are feeling a bit riske, or Bennett (my sister once called herself Elizabeth Bennett for an extended period of time, received mail addressed to her and all??!). i am going before I suggest Heathcliff…..

  • Surfing Free

    Maternity leave rocks! I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. Quality couch time …. there’s nothing better 😉

  • Suse

    I know, honey. That’s why I told you the story. I knew you’d relate.