Easy custard

I can’t remember if this is a Campion and Curtis recipe or one from Bill Granger. Regardless, I made it today, then sat down with a rather large bowl of it, topped with sliced banana and dessicated coconut and ate the lot.

Yummy custard
300 ml cream
300 ml milk
6 egg yolks
4 tsp cornflour
4 tblsp caster sugar
2 tsp vanilla

– warm the milk and cream to boiling point
– whisk yolks, cornflour, sugar and vanilla together
– pour in the liquid, whisking constantly
– return to the pan, stir constantly until it has thickened – about 10 mins.


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  • Jenn

    I am completely clueless as to what “Caster sugar” is. And I’m assuming “Dessicated coconut” is probably what I call “Shredded coconut?”

  • Kim

    Hmmm… Jen.

    Caster sugar is what I think you guys call super fine? It’s not icing sugar and its not normal ‘white’ sugar, it’s well, finer.

    NO dessicated coconut is not shredded – although shredded works perfectly in the kitchen sink cookies. In fact, I think the original recipe uses it. Desiccated is much more finely chopped.

  • Jenn

    Ahhh…thanks! I think I know what caster sugar is now…the suger between regular granular and powdered, I think.

    So I could probably just chop up the shredded coconut, maybe run it through the blender, and it may work?

  • Kim

    I think that would work – surely you guys have desiccated coconut?

  • Jonathan

    We had friends over for dinner last night, and Wendy made custard – real stand your spoon up in it Custard.

    I just did the last of the washing up, and tipped the last of the custard into the recycling bin – and it fell out of the measuring jug in one rubbery lump 🙂