Blue Mountains – Easter 2007

On Sunday we loaded up the bus with all the offspring and Grandmama and headed for the hills. Or what we Sydneysiders call, the Blue Mountains.

Our goal? To show the boys these:

The Three Sisters

And I know it sounds cheesy, but it really is quite impressive. I am a geology freak and seeing all those rock layers is really my kinda thing.


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  • Muzbot

    Looks like the weather was kind to you as well. I love escaping to the Blue Mountains as often as possible. There is something totally impressive about the mountains that just makes me forget every care and worry and makes me realise how good it is that we have this on our door step. (If you can put up with the slow speed limits on the drive up there!) 🙂

  • Jenn

    What an absolutely gorgeous place to spend the day! I’m jealous. We have NOTHING like that within a day’s driving distance…the closest we come are the Ozarks, and they don’t even come close to such beauty.

  • h&b


    Beautiful day, we had lunch on the way, and all for under a pound, you know 😉

    I haven’t heard that for aaaaagesss. I love that song 😉

  • Elizabeth

    I would just like to say Jasper is absolutely rocking those green overalls.

  • Kim

    You know ED, not only does he absolutely rock in overalls, these were a delightful cord.

    And so adorable was he that Japanese tourists took photos of him. With them. Like they do with koalas.