Dum dee dum dee dum

Been awake since 3 with a massive cramp in my left leg. Which lends me to think that my previous post was incorrect in I said right leg. It also – I think – explains the sore left ankle, because my GOODNESS, the stiffness and pain through that joint as my whole foot is wrenched upwards be stiff muscles.

SF – yes to the cracked heels as well, although I hadn’t been attributing that to my whale-like size.

Can’t sleep due to thinking about Oscar’s support service – or lack thereof as we have left the service I have talked about here due to a complete lack of confidence in senior management and the board. A very long story I keep meaning to explain but it’s just left me pretty exhausted and bereft and sometimes that needs to wash away a little before fingers hit keypads.

Work senario also interesting, as yesterday I actually said, no holes barred. what I wanted to say – and without getting angry or crying. What a breakthrough. So this morning, instead of lying in the dark worrying about work, I’m worrying about how to build a support service for kids with special needs. Far out.

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  • Em

    Will you expand your service to South Australia (pretty please). G is not going to qualify for anything… eg, has to be three years behind in her reading before she’ll qualify for reading support… truly what is the feffing point?

  • Surfing Free

    That is not something you should have to worry about. You pay your taxes, you contribute to society, and one day your son will as well …. so the rest of society should contribute to his best interests.

    Well, there I just revealed myself for the Socialist I am, but honestly it breaks my heart to hear of families with special needs kids ripping their hair out wondering how they are going to get decent care and support. I’m sorry you have to go through it.

    And I’m sorry your body is letting the side down. Achy legs and sudden shooting pains are so delightful.

  • rivergirlie

    i had the worst cramp in my life while i was pregnant. you have my fervant sympathy. it’s horrid!