I watched Jarhead last night. I liked it. Jake Gyllenhaal is h.o.t.
I’m watching Mozart and the Whale tonight – about Izzy and Donald, a love story of two adults with autism. Josh Hartnett is freakin’ amazing. But the movie? Is just breaking my heart.
Did I tell you Chef and I went to see Will Ferrell in Stranger Than Fiction and it was excellent?

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  • Badger

    Mozart and the Whale hit VERY close to home over here. Josh Hartnett’s character is exactly how I picture the boy child in 15 years or so.

  • Jonathan

    Jake is also very good in “The Good Girl” with Jennifer Anniston. Don’t expect it to make you laugh though – it’s really quite disturbing in a “why can’t I stop watching this train wreck” kind of way.

    He is great though.