More than one day of mine this week.

5.45am – up
6.15 – write comprehensive list for Chef which he clearly completes in about 10 minutes before he goes to work
6.20 – leave house
7 – work
2.15 – leave work
3 – arrive at Oscar’s school
3.15 – 3.30 – Oscar finally appears, about the last child to leave school grounds.
3.30-4.00 – call in at uniform shop for more socks, new school hat, new pe shirt, visit to Woollies for stuff for dinner and stuff Chef asked me to pick up for him for work
4.15 – to Chef’s work, pick up Felix and Jasper, transfer car seat, head back to uniform shop w/ cash (who doesn’t have eftpos these days!?!)
4.30 – soccer
5.30 – home, start dinner – prepare and produce lamb cutlets w/ dijon crust, my sweet potato gratin, broccoli and cauliflower w/ home made white sauce – mum helps w/ Jasper’s bath
6 – sit down to dinner (that’s right – prepare all the above and on the table in just under half an hour. Sometimes I impress even myself)
6.30 – clear up to a point, homework w/ the two big boys, J to bed, readers done, story read
8.45 – Felix into bed – finish cleaning up kitchen
9.30 – realise leakage of defrosting fruit in fridge is a problem and am going to have to make jam and marmalade.
9.30-12.30 – sterilise jars, make plum and cinnamon jam and lime marmalade.
1am – bed
5.15am – up and repeat.

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  • Jenn

    Dude, I’m impressed! You are one. busy. woman. *bows down in admiration* I will no longer complain of my busy-as-a-one-legged-man-in-an-ass-kicking contest schedule.

  • meggie

    I felt tired just reading this post!
    You are amazing.. especially since you are ‘hatching’!

  • Joke


    I love it. I love making it, I love tasting it, I love the whole process.

    One day my wife will surprise me in a compromising position with a jar of lime marmalade, I just know it.

    A woman who makes lime marmalade for her family ought to be given carte blanche to do as she damned well pleases.


  • Surfing Free

    WOW! That’s all I have to say… just WOW!

  • Em

    V. impressive. You are definitely superwoman!

  • joanne

    Bloody hell I think you are really showing off now!!!!!I too am also tired from reading that. You are a lllleeeggggeeeeeeeeennd

  • Joke

    OK. That’s enough with the marmalade.

    Or — and I hope not — enough looking at those blogs.