I have about five posts in draft.
One is on the discovery of porn/erotica blogs. They are compelling if for nothing else than the begging question of what type of man is it that refers to his wife’s vagina as “her little cunny”?

One is on our adventures on Sunday walking the Sydney Harbour Bridge to commemorate its 75th anniversary. Some great pics for that one as well. Here’s one taken just as you walk on the roadway under the span and can see the two archways rise above you. Breathtaking for its scale and industrial beauty:

The other is about the arrival of our mortgage new car and dear GOD if Oscar wants to kiss it, play in it, sleep in it or asks me about it one more time I’m going to blow my proverbial stack.

Then there are the recipes to share – raspberry coconut slice, plum and cinnamon jam, lime marmalade and the dijon rosemary crust I did on the lamb cutlets the other night.

But when it comes to writing them in full, nothin’.

Because at the moment Chef is inbetween starting at his new job and finishing at the old – oh yeah, there’s another post right there titled “when your husband finds a level of motivation rarely seen in the last 15 years it’s really quite impressive.” so I am in the midst of being some weird super human single parent and working at my job from 7 in the morning, leaving early then doing the whole afternoon/soccer practice/dinner/baths/homework/reading palaver so you know, I’m kinda tired.

Couple that with that reality when your workplace is so consuming and so completely demoralising that you just want to walk away? Yeah. I’ve just been lying in bed for the better part of an hour stewing over various things said and done and that, my friends, is where my head is at.


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  • Badger

    Oo! Very kewl pic.

    I’m sorry work sucks. Been there.

    But hey, what’s this about Chef and a new job?!

  • Jonathan

    Ummm… the kind of guy who describes umm…. yes…. ummm…. lol… I’m lost for words 🙂

  • Surfing Free

    I heard the bridge walk was fantastic, and apparently the sound scape was awesome. We stayed away fearing all sorts of crazy crowds and bad management, but now I wish we had gone.

    Erotic blogs!??!? Yikes!!

    And work and tiredness and work and family and tiredness and hot nights and work and kids and tiredness … yep, we have some of that going on around here as well.

  • Muzbot

    I’ve been discovering music and mp3 blogs. Ooohh, some of the gems I’ve found that may never EVER get major music label backing are great.

    As for work, it’s probably a good thing I don’t get the chance to come don and annoy you any more. Although, I do miss it.

  • Joke

    1- As re. those kinds of blogs. Please get an ice pack, take aspirin, something. If you keep this up, you’ll out-reproduce the Osmonds.

    2- To show you how much I can relate to how you feel (I mean about work, not about…never mind) I have quit a rather high paying job that was slowly shredding my soul. I quit it and had N-O-T-H-I-N-G upon which to fall back. And I had a one year-old baby. And my wife was expecting #2. And I still quit. My parting shot was “I’m not losing my soul and my sanity for you people.”

    It took us 5 years to get back to that level of income and it was touch-and-go for quite some time, but I have never regretted standing up for the safety and well-being of my humanity.