how cool is this…

It’s the recent solar eclipse but taken from space using four ultraviolet wavelengths… or some such. This shot was on the SMH today.

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  • Muzbot

    It’s very cool. I guess I’m one of those geeks out there that have an appreciation for things solar. Here’s the video.

  • Joke

    This shot reminded me of aliens about to address us.

    “People of the earth…”

    Love it!


  • Jenn

    What an awesome photo! Sure makes the sun look big and scary, doesn’t it?

  • Suse

    What solar eclipse?

    God I lead a sheltered life.

    PS. the word verif made me laugh out loud. It’s rauqibek. Raw Quebec. Ok, not that funny really. Must have been the font.

    PPS. Weekend away looming! Yadza!!

  • Joke

    Um, OK, the earth has stodd still long enough…


  • rivergirlie

    bloody, bloody hell! what a fantastic image!
    i’ve just moved premises – come and see me, do.

  • Joke

    Nothing to add, but the WVW is “oooxy” so I must comment. I never get easy ones like this.