Little boy, big table

Please note: this was dinner one night before I was home. I would have at least moved the library bag and put the cheese into a dish. I’m just saying.

But yey for being at the big table!
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  • daysgoby

    Your boys are breathtaking!

    Yay for the big table! But he’s still got little baby hands….

  • Em

    He’s so grown up!

    My Juliet is at the big table now too. I can’t believe how fast it has gone.

  • Joke

    Yikes. The big table…already?


  • Kim

    Only because I hate the highchair and how manky it gets. He’s in a booster seat – which he loves and often drags around the house. And he just thinks he’s the best sitting at the table with his brothers.

  • meggie

    He appreciates the finer dining experience, I am sure!

  • mad muthas

    you know food tastes better when there’s stuff all over the table! what fantastic kids!