We left the house at 7.35am. For the last three weeks its taken me on average 1.5 hours to get to work and home from it. Each way. With visiting dignitaries in town, I knew I had to leave us some time.
I had the best run in in over a month.
Anyway, we dropped the littlest fella at daycare.
Then on we went to hospital. The one specifically for kids. The one where we spent the better part of six weeks when Oscar was born and have visited probably almost two dozen times since. The one which the colour scheme and smell send me reeling back to March 1998 and all the other times involving a very sick little baby or a very bored little boy or a very scared child.
We arrived at 9.15. We left at 5pm. It was what I believe is known as
Oscar was pretty OK with it, until we walked across the threshold between the big private hospital into the childrens hospital. He saw it’s logo, its colours and that was that.
The thing I hate the most about it all? With all.the.fucking.waiting. coming in a very close second? Is when he goes under the general. He’s so frightened. His eyes just pleading with me, the screaming. Then the eyes rolling back in his head as he goes under and his body going limp. I’m not really good at that stage.
Anyway, I did today on my own. This was a really bad idea.
Apart from the fact I didn’t eat anything – the Ogga boy was fasting and wouldn’t let me leave his side. When it became apparent he wasn’t going into theatre until – gee – AFTER THREE FUCKING PM – I realised it was going to be cutting it very fine to get back into the city to get the littlest guy.
Chef did not step up to the plate at this stage. I needed him to get his lunchtime chef to stay for an extra hour so he could come into the city, get the J-boy, bring him to me then go home. He wasn’t having a bar of it. The idea of me leaving the hospital after witnessing the above incident, getting Jasper, then getting back to the hospital with J in tow, leaving Oscar to wake in recovery on his own was – apparently – a much better idea.
I hung up on him.
I basically woke him in recovery and pushed him through the next hour and a half so we could get out of the hospital in time to get to the daycare centre.
We got there at 6pm.
We got home after 7.
This is when I really really miss alcohol.