Look what I did today!

There are few perks in my job – apart from feeling like I use my brain, knowing in me and for me that I am more than a glorified slave doing washing, cleaning, cooking and picking up clothes (which was how I felt when that was my reality), getting an immense sense of satisfaction knowing I am highly regarded, liked and relied upon and that it well actually pays me. In money! And yes, everyone, I know that is a pretty bloody good wicket. But today, today I got a perk. I got to do this:
It was truly one of the most exhilerating fantabulous things I’ve ever ever done in.my.life. (and it didn’t involve pushing children out of my body and ripping my bits to kingdom come! Who’dathought!)
I was smiling like a cheshire cat for a long long time

It was a media/VIP event thingy by the company that operates bridge climbs – curiously called BridgeClimb. It was to showcase their new climb – the Discovery Climb – where you go up the inside arch.

It was breathtaking. There are catwalks you walk along that have you directly over Sydney Harbour and eight lanes of traffic. You get the most stunning views of Sydney as well as the scale of the Bridge itself.

People – I stood on the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge. I hung over the edge of railings looking at cars whizzing by. I stood so close to a train going by I could almost have touched it. I saw a container ship going under the bridge that was of such scale we could see the both ends of it depending on which side of the bridge we looked out. We got to touch some of the 6 million rivets holding it together (of which not ONE has ever had to be replaced). We gained a true appreciation of the men who built this bridge, with no safety gear and in some of the toughest working conditions imaginable (granted with a spectacular view of the most beautiful harbour in the world). I walked along catwalks where you could see the water beneath you.

And there were crudites served afterwards, and as my dear friend ED – who is now living in the UK and who I miss more than I ever EVER thought I would – would say, “nothing beats a good crudite”.

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  • Em

    Wow! That’s a pretty good perk of the job! You look fantastic and very, very happy!

  • Badger

    Eeep! I’m glad YOU had fun, Crazy Lady, but the very thought of it makes me have to sit with my head between my knees and a cool cloth on the back of my neck.

  • Joke

    Whew. I thought (I had looked at the photos before I read the text…sue me) you went bungee jumping.

    So that was a relief.


  • Kim

    Badger – there was a woman who did it who was absolutely scared shitless. I don’t get it. I mean the notion of the guys who still work on the bridge and wear harnesses and just walk out all over it sort of freaks me out, but this, this was absolutely sensational.

    Joke – I will never ever bungee jump. Jump out of a plane, yes. For my 40th. But bungee jump – never ever ever.

  • Jenn

    Woo hoo! I love it when the job has perks AND you get paid real money for it! While there are many things about my job I could do without, it’s the perks that keep me excited.

    What a fantastic experience, one you’ll never forget.

  • daysgoby

    That looks like a stupendous time!

    And you look gloriously happy!

    Baby name to commemmerate the day:


    Or Pilot.


  • Elizabeth

    Yay for corporate largesse! I am so glad that a crudite or tow was thrown into the bargain. As you know a woman can indeed survive on canapes alone (champers included natch)! I am waiting to see what the London PR scene can proffer in this area – nothing forthcoming yet – stingy arts types. 😉

    I miss my Kimmee too! It is just not the same being at work without you being around.

    Love you lots mamacita

  • meggie

    Had to look away!
    I would never go anywhere near it!!

    You are very brave & fearless. I went cold, & am like Badger about it.

  • h&b

    How divine !

    Like Joke, I too freaked when I saw the harness. Pregnant & bungee jumping ?!

    I was mortified.
    Ready to call child services …


  • mad muthas

    oh bloody hell! my palms are sweating just looking at those photos. thank god there are people like you in the world to take care of this kind of thing (while i hide my head under a pillow)

  • Surfing Free

    Wow! I’ve often wondered if that would be as good as people say it is …. I trust your judgement in these matters, so I now believe it is!
    I see the bridgeclimbers all the time as I drive to and from work. One day I must join them.

    Hurray to job perks!!

  • Suse

    So jealous of those crudites.

  • Joke

    Um…haven’t you gotten off that damned bridge yet?