You know

Apart from all the crapulence going on in my world at the moment that I can’t talk about, I would be posting more.

Except it is so.fucking.humid. I feel my head may explode.

I seriously H.A.T.E February with a passion normally reserved for directing at vacuous thin people.

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  • meggie

    Oh CRAP yes! I hate February too!!
    Which is rather a shame, because it is my birthday month, & i should be able to be happy & comfortable!
    I will try to spend the whole day in a Mall or Club, so I wont notice the F***ing humidity.

  • Joke

    Best not come to Miami in August then. Think 40C and (no joke) 98% humidity. For months on end.

    Which is why I stay indoors reading or cooking with the air conditioning conditioning my air.