You know

I’m such a suck, but GOD I love The West Wing.

In my world which is feeling really dark at the moment, the writing on this show, the pith, the characters give me just a little glimmer of light.

And being in the ABC, without ads, for one and a half hours? Well you might as well dip me in butter and roll me in cinnamon sugar.

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  • Jonathan

    Or as Blackadder once said “Bugger me with a fishfork”… ewww….

  • Suse

    Thanks for that image, Jonathan.

    I ADORE West Wing. It’s the one show I watch at the moment, and I was thrilled to learn last night that it’s moving to Saturday nights because there is NOTHING good on Saturday nights and there NEEDS TO BE SOMETHING for us poor sods with no social life who are home on the couch.

    And your list below? I nodded along with most of them except the nearing nine months bit.

  • Judi

    Ditto love the west wing..only must see tv I have(that is until House returns)especially now we have set top box and we can put subtitles on when the dialogue is fast but oh so quitely spoken. Have you noticed that you have to adjust brightness for scenes in the ofice section scenes?or is it just me? Love your post came by way of Ladies Lounge.

  • julia

    Mmmm, the West Wing. I’m so sad that it’s gone. Studio 60? Don’t know if they’re showing that in Aus yet, but blech. Don’t do it.

    I do love me some Toby. And CJ. And Josh….mmmm, Josh….

    *ahem* Sorry, I’ll just wipe that up now.

  • Bec of the Ladies Lounge

    ain’t no shame in lovin’ the west wing, blossom. am fairly sure that show was a major reason my husband was so keen on naming our son as he did…

  • Joke

    My sons too! One is named Mr. President and the other Commander In Chief.


  • nutmeg

    Love the West Wing too. Have been madly watching seasons 1 through 5 (bought very cheaply – silly shop didn’t know what it was worth) on DVD and have nearly run out! And I did not tape season 6 off the TV and now I have nowhere to go but wait for it on DVD too and I bet they’ll want to charge a $100 for it and I’ll have to wait til that silly shop puts it on sale again. But it will be worth it 🙂

  • Muzbot

    I don’t have a fave tv show at the moment. I haven’t found one for ages. Hence why I now spend my evenings on YouTube. “Oh you’re such a geek!” I hear you cry… But really, YouTube does it for me.