I went back to work.

BUT, far more importantly, when we were getting lunch, we stood in the same cafe as:
the coach of the Australian cricket team:
the deputy coach, (couldn’t find a pic, sorry)

Michael Hussey
AND Andrew Symonds.
I realise this may mean nothing to some of you, but to the cricket tragics among us, it was pretty damn awesome.

It took all of my physical (and fear of embarrasing myself in public, which I do way too often) strength to not get up and ask for autographs. I’m sure it’s something I will rue in future years, but there you go.

If you’re wondering, Hussey was a lot slighter and younger looking than than expected (but you could still make out a very fit body underneath his Australian cricket team casuals). AND he looked a lot less goofy than in the picture above.
Symonds is just one big hulking fit hunk of spunk, with his olive skin, dreadies and the bluest eyes on earth.

as only a groupie can do.