My new title for allconsuming

Diary of a psychotic pregnant woman

Today improved. I know, I can hear the collective universal sigh.

Chef got home from work earlier than anticipated, there were hugs, tears and apologies all round.

One half of my kitchen is stunningly clean – I cleaned walls, shelving, the vent over the stove, all the cupboard doors, skirting boards and the pantry.

Our bestest friends in the world came for afternoon tea as they were back in the country for Christmas (I was worried about how this was going to transpire considering my frame/state of mind earlier in the day) , from half way through their two year work sojourn in the UK, then J Doodle and the three mini Doodles dropped in and J commented that my kitchen seemed to be gleaming. 🙂

I made a sensational dinner of honey soy chicken wings – to which I added four shallots, chopping into lengths about 3-4cm long. Served with boiled rice, steamed broccoli and carrots. We all ate together – including Jasper, who fed himself thank you very much.

Oh – I keep forgetting to share – but Jasper has been signing “finished” for about a week. It’s very adorable as he eats his food, and then signs at me finished. Along with his impressive word association/understanding and the fact he started signing “more” today, I am very proud of the little chap.

So look, maybe that whole trying to see the good side of things isn’t dead after all.