In other news

you know that infected gum I was telling you all about? The one I had belligerently been treating by obsessive flossing, listerine rinsing, panadol taking and so on and so forth?
Yeah well in the last couple of days, it went away – woohoo! But curiously it was still too tender to eat on that side of my mouth. I was all – oh it’s just out of practice. But weirdly, the tooth/gum still felt swollen in that I can’t really close my mouth and have to really concentrate to not lisp.
Then tonight, I’m sticking my fingernail between that tooth and the one next to it, because it seemed like a good idea, and I thought, “Curious, my tooth moves. Oh look, I press on this end, it moves that way, I press the other, it moves the other way.” I’m playing with this notion thinking, wow, my tooth is going to fall out, just like Felix’s did the other day (his first top baby tooth to go – the other one is now hanging precariously and he’s looking a lot like Cletus).” Then it dawns on me. It’s only one side that is moving.
That’s right folks. My back molar on the right hand side has dawg-gone split in two. So now who’s gonna be Cletus.
In other tooth news, Jasper still only has 6 teeth. At 15 months. 6 dinky little teeth. Oh, and you wanna know how many times I’ve found him standing on the dining room or outdoor table in the last week?

He also loves yoghurt, particularly when I take the boys shopping with me and buy those hideous marketed-to-children types rather than my standard bio-dynamic natural sort.
We had a family bbq at our place today. I did Bec’s lamb:
It was a lovely lovely day.